In 1879 Ferdinand Langer Sr. fulfilled a dream.

He brought his family from the Midwest to settle in the fertile Willamette Valley. Purchasing several hundred acres in what is current-day Sherwood, he began the arduous task of clearing the forest land for farming. All the work was done by hand, and after much toil, the Langer Farm came into existence.

The Langer Farm was family owned and operated for over 140 years and six generations, receiving the status “Century Farm” through the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

As you may note, the intersection of Langer Farms Parkway and Century Avenue marks the location for Langer’s Entertainment Center. Over 10 years ago, the Langer family had a vision to give back to the town and community that they’ve lived in since 1879, and the plans for Langer’s began in earnest. Our goal is to create Oregon’s premier family destination.

Today, Langer’s is dedicated to celebrating the pioneer spirit of Oregon’s earliest settlers, and you can see this reflected in the construction and design

of each component of the Entertainment Center. The rock wall is specifically designed after Smith Rock in central Oregon. The bar tops and many of the table tops are made from the wood of a giant red sequoia planted by Clarence Langer Jr. in 1974. It was struck by lightning just a couple hundred yards from the fun center.

The bar tops, the log tables and chairs around the fireplace, and some of the artwork were made by long-time Sherwood resident Terry Boatman. The actual bellows that Ferdinand Langer Sr. used as a blacksmith are proudly displayed as well. Throughout the building, you can see historically significant Oregon landmarks that shaped the history and culture of our great state.

It’s with great pleasure and pride that we can honor our guests and employees in a facility that’s much more than a business. It’s a place for families and friends to gather to enjoy each other’s company, great food and drinks, and a safe, wholesome, entertaining environment for everyone. We hope you enjoy sharing our vision and our journey.