Langer’s House Rules

Langer’s House Rules

We’re here to give you and your family an easy, reasonably priced, and most importantly a fun night out! Part of that is making sure everything is as safe and clean as possible. Below you’ll find our various rules/guidelines that we ask you to abide by while visiting Langer’s. Check them out below and we hope you have a great time!

No helium balloons in the building

Our ceiling is very tall, 65 feet tall. If a balloon gets caught in one of our fans up there we need to rent an expensive lift and possibly partially disassemble our high ropes course to access the fans. Please help us keep our prices reasonable and bring in non-helium balloons or other decorative alternatives. Thank you for your understanding.

Outside desserts allowed

We allow outside desserts for celebrating special occasions. If you would like to bring in cake, cupcakes, or other celebratory desserts go right ahead! With one exception:

  • We do not have storage space for these desserts, as such we do not allow ice cream cakes as they melt rather quickly and leave quite a mess when they do melt.

Thanks for your understanding.

No other outside food

Langer’s does not allow outside food (with the exception stated above).

We have awesome food we hope you enjoy while you visit Langer’s. Amazing pizza with our made in house pizza dough and garlic butter crust, fantastic fresh salads with seasonal ingredients, classic burgers featuring Oregon beef, and our kids menu items are a great value and your kids will love the Langer’s card with every meal.

The Tack Room is 21+ only

The Tack Room is our adult getaway, where parents, adult guests of birthday parties, or maybe Mom & Dad can have a date night without kids running all over the place. Classic bar atmosphere.

We do have a very small amount of special events/occasions where this rule is bended (certain live music events and the like), and we’ll make it obvious in our messaging when this is the case.

No Swearing

There are kids around, duh!

Head up to The Tack Room if you feel the need to get the four letter words out of your system.

Alcohol limited attractions

We do not allow people who have consumed alcohol to use our high ropes course or rock wall.

Stay safe and grab a drink after you’ve finished your climb/rope journey.