Great Fun for Everyone!

Whether you’re looking for the latest high-energy action games, like battling it out in the new Halo 2-person with 4K display and immersive sound, a fun game of basketball or Skee-Ball, or one of our many other rewarding redemption games, Langer’s Arcade is sure to provide hours of fun and plenty of great prizes!

  • Over 50 great racing, redemption, and video games!

  • Cashless, easy-to-use card system.

  • Redeem points for many great prizes for all ages located in the back of our Log Mill Cabin!

Arcade Fun Card
$20 = $2 Bonus & 200 Tickets
$50 = $5 Bonus & 500 Tickets
$75 = $10 Bonus & 750 Tickets
$100 = $20 Bonus & 1000 Tickets