What Activities Do Families with Children Do Over the Weekend?

After having kids, your fun weekends may not look the way they used to. With little ones in your life, your options for weekend activities can seem limited, especially if there’s a big age-gap between your children. It’s hard to find something that’s suitable for everyone, and there are lots of things for your kids to do that may have the adults sitting on the sidelines. But that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy themselves too.

Families with children can find activities that are fun for everyone, adults and children alike. You just have to find the right things to do. A good weekend activity for a family will make sure everyone can be involved in the fun. Oregon has some great options around when it comes to family activities, and one of the most popular has lots to do in just one place.

Entertainment centers are great, all-encompassing destinations for families with children to go on the weekends. Not only do they offer a wide variety of activities to choose from, but they also have options available for all ages. If you’re not someone who likes to keep packing up the kids to go from one place to another, an entertainment center may be the best one-stop shop for your family during the weekend.

Langer’s Entertainment Center in Sherwood is the newest, most exciting entertainment center in Oregon. Created by a family with roots in Oregon since 1874, the Langer’s envisioned this entertainment center to be the epitome of Oregon fun. One of the best features is that it’s all indoors. So you won’t have to worry about planning around the often unpredictable Oregon weather. Langer’s will be protected and open rain or shine!

Rock Climbing and Rope Courses


What Activities Do Families with Children Do Over the WeekendKids love to run around, and an Oregon kid knows better than most that an outdoor adventure is a great way to spend their energy. But depending on the age or experience of your children, you may be looking for a more controlled environment for them to have fun in. So we created an outdoor experience indoors, just for you! We knew we couldn’t create an Oregon entertainment center without adding some awesome physical and adventurous activities for families. And what better way to do that than by adding a rock-climbing wall and some awesome ropes courses!

Our 46-foot-tall rock wall is modeled after actual routes on Smith Rock, with 21 total climbing routes to choose from. The rock wall conveniently features beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses to suit everyone’s abilities. You can bring your own climbing shoes or rent a pair from Langer’s to start your adventure.

For your next adventure, try out our rope courses. Hanging at 3-stories high with 21 different challenges, you can test your skills in a variety of ways. Go for the gold by attempting to climb the 56-foot-tall rope ladder, and then ring the Langer Farm Bell to announce your accomplishment to the rest of your family.

Both the rock wall and the rope courses are great activities for adventurous children and adults. And when the children’s energy outlasts the parents’, adults can sit back in the Tack Room, a VIP space where adults can enjoy a beverage and monitor their kids from the floor-to-ceiling viewing window.


You don’t have to be a professional to know how to bowl. That’s why it’s the perfect activity for families to do on the weekends. Bond over snacks like nachos and hot dogs while you watch your family members take their shot at getting a strike. Bowling is an exciting and challenging game for everyone from the oldest to the youngest members of your family, and younger bowlers shouldn’t be intimidated by the long lanes. Ask for bumpers to be set up on each side of the lane when the younger bowlers take their turns, and they won’t have to fear that their ball will end up in the gutter.

Bowling during the day is fun but heading out to the lanes later in the evening can give the kids something fun to look forward to as well. Most bowling alleys have special music and lighting for nighttime bowling, and this creates an even more thrilling environment for the family.

At Langer’s, we offer 22 general and semi-private bowling lanes to choose from. There’s a ball for everyone, and with a little effort, even the most inexperienced bowler can have a great time. We also offer four private lanes in our VIP Tack Room, which makes it the perfect place to host a private party.

Arcade and Laser Tag

Are there gamers in your family? Some children enjoy spending their time concentrating on perfecting an online game. We don’t blame them. Escaping reality and entering a new world through the screen is a fun way to spend an evening. But at home, it can turn into something that only one or two family members can enjoy at once.

At Langer’s, we want all the gamers in your family to be able to play together, or at least at the same time! That’s why we have an epic arcade area in our new entertainment center. With classic and new games alike, it won’t be hard to find something that everyone can enjoy.

And when you’re ready to face off as a team, we’re ready for you with our huge new laser tag area. Enjoy over 5,000 square feet of high-tech fun on our two-level playing field, which allows up to three ten-person teams to play! You may end up wanting to invite a few other families to rival with. You can aim for each other and interactive targets while you try to get as many points for your team as possible. Create bonding experiences as you work together to defeat your opponents in this epic gaming experience.

It’s possible for families with children to find fun activities for the weekends, especially at entertainment centers. Come experience what Langer’s Entertainment Center has to offer your family!