7 Tips for a Great Game of Laser Tag in Oregon

It can be hard to find activities that people of all ages can enjoy. But laser tag is something that both kids and adults will have a blast playing. Adults may initially not be interested, but trust us, once the game starts, they’ll definitely get caught up in the rush! If you’ve never played laser tag before or just need to brush up on some skills, don’t worry. We have a number of helpful tips that will make sure the game is as fun as possible—and that you’ll have a good chance of winning! Follow the advice below and prepare to have a blast when you play laser tag in Oregon.

1. Keep Moving!

Standing still, in the same place and same position, for too long will make you an easy target. But while you’re moving, don’t try to go too fast. You don’t want to get too worn out. And moving too fast can mess up your aim. Just keep up a nice, steady pace throughout the game. The more you move, the more difficult it is for the opposing team to track your position and movements.

Also remember to be strategic in the way you move around. Crouching down can help you keep a low profile. And moving sideways is a neat trick that can make it easier for you to aim. Plus, it can make it harder for your opponents to hit you. If you see someone about to shoot at you, you can try to quickly duck or turn sideways so that they miss.

2. Keep Shooting!7-tips-for-a-great-game-of-laser-tag-in-oregon

This may seem obvious, but many players hesitate too much when it comes to shooting their laser guns. Laser tag is definitely a game where quantity is more important than quality. There are usually no limits on how many times you can fire, so don’t worry about saving ammunition. If your laser gun does need to be reloaded, it’s usually not difficult and takes very little time. And in some laser tag arenas, the laser guns don’t even need to be reloaded at all. Try to shoot in a strategic way if you can, but it’s okay if you don’t have perfect aim. Especially if it’s your first time playing! But if you shoot a lot at once, you’ll be much more likely to hit at least one of your opponents.

3. Use the Opportunity to Take a Breath If You Get Hit

Usually, you’re out of the game for a short time after getting hit. Take advantage of the break this will give you. Laser tag can be a very tiring activity, so this will ensure you can keep playing your best. If you can find a good spot, you might want to hide for a little too. In some cases, your suit will go dark during this time, so you can move without being detected. This can give you a little extra time to regain your composure and also avoid an opponent hitting you the second you’re back in the game.

4. Dress Appropriately

You don’t need to buy a whole new outfit for playing laser tag in Oregon, but certain clothes will be better than others. Wear dark colors, such as black and dark blue, because when the black light’s on, light colors will make you easier to see. White is definitely the worst color to wear. It would make you such an easy target! And the clothes you wear should be comfortable and easy to move around in too.

You’ll be running around quite a bit, so definitely wear comfortable sneakers. If you can, make sure your shoes are a darker color as well. Every little bit counts. You might want to wear layers as well. A laser tag arena may be cold when the game first starts, but you can work up a sweat while playing.

5. Study the Layout of the Laser Tag Arena Before the Game Starts

If you can, walk around the arena before your game starts. Going in blind could end up costing you the game. Try to see if there are any potential hiding places or which areas might give you the best advantage. Some laser tag arenas, such as ours at Langer’s, have multiple levels.

If possible, try to look at the higher level ahead of time as well. Then, once the game begins, try to go for the high ground. Langer’s laser tag arena has two different levels and going up to the second one can give you a considerable advantage for shooting. Because you’re higher up, it will be easier to spot the other players. But some may try to shoot at you, so keep up your strategic game or ask a teammate to cover you.

6. Listen Closely

While you should definitely keep an eye on your opponents’ movements, don’t rule out your other senses too. Actively listening to other people’s movements will give you an advantage, since many people don’t even think about doing so.

7. Finally, Make Sure to Enjoy Yourself!

Don’t get too worked up over who wins or loses. Remember that the ultimate point of the game is to have fun. Ideally, the game goes so well that you’ll want to play it again very soon.

Now that you’ve got these expert tips, it’s time to try a game of a laser tag at our entertainment center in Oregon! Here at Langer’s Entertainment Center, our laser tag is Northwest log mill–themed, a fun, unique, and perfectly Pacific Northwest theme.

Our arena spans nearly 5,000 square feet total and up to three 10-person teams can play. So there’s enough space for lots of people, including the whole family, to join in the fun. And when you try these tips, everyone will be quite impressed with your skills. Once the game is over, stop by our restaurant and try some of burgers, pizzas, fish and chips, salads, and more. You can find more information about laser tag and our other attractions on our website.