5 Ways To Improve Your Bowling Game Before Heading To Langer’s

It seems easy. Throw the ball and knock as many pins down as you can. Still, anyone who has ever played a bowling game knows that it’s not that simple. The gutter might act like a magnet for your ball on every roll, which is all the more reason to work on improving your game before you get to the lanes.

One thing you should probably know if you live in the Portland, Oregon, area is that Langer’s Entertainment Center is now open! And it features an awesome bowling section to enjoy. The most important part about your Langer’s Entertainment bowling experience is that you have fun. But we understand if you want to do a little prep in efforts to impress your friends and family.

A little competition never hurt anyone, and we want you to arrive at Langer’s ready to bowl your best. These five ways to improve your bowling game will let you arrive at Langer’s Entertainment Center feeling confident about your bowling skills and ready to play!

Learn the Basics

One of the best ways to improve your bowling game is to make sure that you understand the game, and one of the most important parts of the game is the pins. Each pin is numbered 1–10, with the front pin being number 1, and the rest being numbered from left to right, starting with the second row. Together, they form an equilateral triangle and are spaced exactly 12 inches apart from each other. The point is to knock all the pins down, but there’s some strategy you can learn that may come in handy.

Your goal isn’t to have your ball hit every pin, but to hit the pins that are most important so that they can knock the others down. When you want to get a strike, it’s best to aim for the pins in the pocket, which are the three pins closest to you, numbers 1–3. When you hit these pins, they’re able to fall and hit the pins behind them, creating a domino effect. Having the pins hit each other to fall is called “good pin carry” and what you should always aim for when bowling.

Know How to Pick the Right Ball

There’s an art to choosing a ball to bowl with. As you may already know, each bowling ball displays a number on it that signifies how much it weighs. It may seem easier to grab a ball that weighs less, but the correct way to pick a ball depends on your own weight. It’s best to use the 10 percent guideline. This means that you should be picking a ball that’s roughly 10 percent of your weight (up to 16 pounds).

Once you find the right ball, you should then make sure that your fingers fit into the holes correctly. Though the 10 percent guideline is a good place to start, you won’t be able to throw the ball properly if your fingers are fitting too loosely or snugly into the holes. Your fingers should fit comfortably enough that you can both grip and release the ball effortlessly. Knowing this beforehand will allow you to pick the perfect ball on the first try when you head over to Langer’s Entertainment Center.

Perfect Your Walk5 Ways To Improve Your Bowling Game Before Heading To Langers

After you grab your ball, you may end up staring down at the lane, unsure how to start. The space between you and the foul line is only a few feet long, but the steps leading up to it can either trip you up or set you up for success. Beginner bowlers should practice a four-step approach. With this approach, you only need to take four steps before reaching the foul line and releasing the ball.

You should start in a stance where your shoulders are square to pins. If you are right-handed, your first step should start with your right foot stepping ahead. With the next steps, you bring the ball back and then release it on the fourth step, as your right leg slides behind you.

You can practice this walk at home by putting some tape on the ground to act as a foul line and timing your walk accordingly. Make sure you remember to follow through, even when practicing. This helps to reinforce the direction of the ball toward the intended target. Do this a few days before you head to Langer’s Entertainment for bowling fun, and you’ll be ready to get your strike!

Practice Rolling at Home

You don’t need to have an at-home bowling alley to practice your game. There are plenty of ways to improve your rolling without even using a bowling ball. One good way to practice is by filling a bucket with a hole at the bottom with water. It sounds crazy, but using this method can help you get an idea of how your arm rolls the ball and the direction you’re leading it to.

This works best outside on a sidewalk or driveway, where you can clearly see where the water falls. When you reenact your roll, the water that drips out at the bottom of the bucket will provide proof of the direction you’re rolling it. If your water drops are leading more toward the left, for example, you can either keep practicing until it becomes more straight, or you’ll know that when you get to the bowling alley you should start off standing farther to the right to make up for it.


This may seem too simple, but it could be your biggest asset when it comes to having a good bowling game. One of the problems that people have when bowling is the anxiety to have a perfect game. Everyone wants to get a strike, but if you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve it, you’ll be more likely to mess up. Being relaxed and not letting yourself feel too much pressure to have a perfect game can help you have your best game yet! It can also help you to remember that the most important part of bowling with friends and family is to have fun.

Before you head to the Langer’s Entertainment bowling alley, try to relax. You can come already calm, or you can use the other areas of Langer’s to help ease the tension. There are tons of ways to relax at Langer’s. This entertainment center has an arcade, ropes courses, laser tag, a rock wall, and more to choose from!

Using these tips can ensure that you come to Langer’s Entertainment Center ready to play your best game. You’ll be sure to impress your family and friends with your newfound skills. With that out of the way, now you can just focus on having fun!